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Come for the food, stay for the music!

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Live Entertainment 2018 

Dec 1st
Clinton Miller

Dec 2nd

Dec 8th
Bob and Missy Tucker Band

Dec 9th
The Lizardz

Jan 5th
Grayling Pin gel

Jan 6th
Shoestring Joe and the Star theif

Jan 12th
Jeff Friday

Jan 13th
Ike Arumba and the Infedels

Jan 19th
Bob and Missy Tucker band

Jan 20th
Crank in Yankees

Jan 26th
Jerry Duginski

Jan 27th
Lonesome Red and the Blue strings

Feb 2nd
Tim Balke and Todd P.

Feb 3rd
Annual music appreciation night
Open jam

Feb 9th
Eddie Biebel

Feb 10th
Mike Murphy and the MOB

Feb 16th
Ric Stream

Feb 17th
Beer Goggles

Feb 23rd
Mike Magee

Feb 24Th
The Raglanders

March 2nd
Dana Erlandson

March 3rd
Wasted Stay

March 9th
Michael Murphy

March 10th
Ike Arumba and the Infeidels

March 16th
Bob and Missy Tucker Band

March 23rd
Keven Moore

March 24th
Bobby Blues and the Tortured Soul

March 30th
Tim Balke 

March 31st
Jay Schultz Trio

April 6th
J-me Baptist

April 7th

April 13th

April 14th
Mike Murphy and the MOB

April 20th
Eddie Biebel

April 21st
Matt Haeffel band

April 27th
Clint Miller

April 28th
Donnie Pick and the Road band



Classics Restaurant & Lounge